Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Reflect’s has an advanced search feature that you can pull up anytime using ⌘K.


Reflect’s search lets you apply as many filters as you’d like to find the notes you’re looking for. After you apply the filters you’re happy with, you can search within those notes specifically.

You can filter notes by:

  • Date created or updated
  • Daily Notes
  • Where they are backlinked to/from
  • #tags
  • Pinned notes

Semantic and Fuzzy Search

Reflect’s Semantic search lets you find specific pieces of information without knowing the exact words.

It also works when paired with other filters.

For example, you could search your recipes for “meat dishes”, and find the appropriate recipes, even though they don’t contain the words “meat” or “dishes”.

This helps you avoid having to remember the exact phrases you used when creating notes long ago.


Chat with your notes using AI

After applying any desired filters to the search, you can also “chat” with those specific notes to ask questions and extract information.

Read more about chatting with your notes on the Artificial Intelligence page.