Real-world examples

Real-world examples

Daily notes formats

Keep a running log of your day

Simply list what happens in your day and backlink along the way.

Start a note-taking habit

An easy method to start writing in your notes each day.

Daily mind dumps and reflections

Feel more at ease by decluttering your mind.

Track your habits

Stay on track with the things you care about.

For managers and leaders

Using Reflect as a personal CRM

Keep track of relationships and meeting notes

Using Reflect to take meeting notes

Keep track of all your 1:1s and meeting notes

Your new AI Executive Assistant

Use Whisper + GPT-4 to setup an Executive Assistant in your notes using AI

AI Note-taking

How to use AI in your notes

Discover custom prompts, voice transcriptions and more using AI.

Use AI to improve your writing

A professional writer and copy editor right in your notes.

AI voice transcriptions

Take flawless notes using only your voice.