Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Here are a few of our favorite ways of using Reflect.

Toggle between lists and todos

When in a list, hit cmd return to toggle between a list-item, todo, checked-todo, and back to list-item again.


Moving bullet points

You can move bullet points up or down using option up and option down.

Creating links

Press cmd k when some text is selected to link it. Or alternatively simply paste the url over the current selection.


No distract mode

If you either resize Reflect to a smaller window, or hit cmd shift f, you go into 'no-distract-mode' which removes everything except the text you're working on.

Our command pallet (cmd k) still works in this mode, so it's possible to navigate around the app without touching your keyboard.

Bonus points, hit cmd control f to go full-screen, and then cmd shift f to enable no-distract mode for the ultimate writing experience.


Back to the future

It can be useful to write yourself notes in the future. For example, some people like prepping for the week ahead by writing in each daily note.

Both the command pallet and backlink support relative dates. This means you can type dates like: 3 days from now, one year ago, next thursday, and you'll be send to the right place.


Pasting hyperlinks

To link some text, simply copy a link, and then paste it over the selected text.


Navigate to selected backlink

Use the arrow keys to select a backlink in a note. Then hit cmd enter to navigate to that backlink.


Clip text from the web

Once you've installed our Chrome extension, you can start clipping text from the web. It'll arrive in Reflect right in your daily note.


Navigate back/forward

Use the keyboard commands cmd [ and cmd ] to navigate back and forward. We've stolen this behavior from your browser, so you should feel right at home.

Select and backlink

Select any text and type [ to auto-backlink.


Note aliases

Sometimes you'll want to alias notes. For example, it's easier to type Mum than Charlotte MacCaw. We've made this simple in Reflect, just use a double forward-slash (//) in the subject line of notes to automatically alias each part.

For example, here our note is called Charlotte MacCaw // Mum :


And if we type Mum into the backlink auto-completer, we'll see the aliased notes.


De-duplicate notes

Notes with the same subject at the top will automatically prompt you to de-duplicate and merge them.


Indenting and un-indenting lists

To indent a list-item press tab, to un-indent a list-item, press shift tab

On mobile, swipe to indent and un-indent.