Tasks beta

The Tasks tab aggregates the tasks from across your notes in one place.

It allows you to manage all of your tasks, check them off as you go, and even schedule them for a later date.


Creating tasks

In Reflect we make a distinction between tasks and checklists.

Checklists are what you’d use for something temporary, like a shopping list. Tasks are more concrete todo-items.

Tasks are shown as a round checkbox. Checklists remain square boxes.

Tasks will appear in the lefthand Tasks tab, but checklists will not.


Adding tasks

You can add a task within any note with one of the following:

  • Typing / and selecting “Task”
  • Typing + followed by a space.
  • Converting a bullet/checklist to a task using command + shift + return.

Adding checklists

You can add a checklist within any note with one of the following:

  • Typing / and selecting “Checklist”
  • Typing - followed by a space
  • Converting a bullet to a checklist with command + return

Managing tasks

You can manage, add and remove tasks from the “Tasks” tab on the left.

Tasks added to Daily Notes will be categorized as “Current”, “Overdue” or “Upcoming”.

By default, tasks in your daily-notes will be under the Current category, but if you schedule a task (essentially backlinking it to another daily-note), then a backlink to the future will appear under Upcoming, and a backlink to the past will appear under Overdue.

Tasks that are added to other notes will appear under a new category matching the title of the note it lives in.

Clicking on the date or arrow to the right of a task will take you to the note it lives in.

You can add tasks directly from this tab by using the + Add button.


When you select a task (or multiple), you can:

  1. Schedule it: add the task to a future Daily Note
  2. Convert to checklist: remove the item as a task
  3. Archive: hide all completed tasks

You can filter what tasks you see using the button in the top right.


To learn more about how to use the Tasks feature, check out our video walkthrough: