How to use Reflect

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How to use Reflect

First, let's make sure you've set up Reflect properly. We recommend syncing your calendar, installing our Chrome extension, and download our iOS and desktop apps.

The first thing you'll notice when you open up Reflect are the daily notes stretching forwards and backwards through infinity. Your memory works through time and space so we've mirrored that inside the product.


By default, everything should go inside today's daily note. Your journal, your meeting notes, your bookmarks... all of it.

Start with a fresh day and type /journal and then hit return. You'll see the following:


This is a default template we've created for you (you can edit it under the apps preferences).

Notice you can use both bullets or plain text for your notes, but we recommend the former (especially for your daily notes).

Now let's create a backlink.

Organizing your notes

In Reflect there is no hierarchy, only association. We've designed it like this because it more accurately represents the way memory works.

What is a backlink? Simple - it's a link between two of your notes. Think of it like a link on the web, but between concepts in your notes.

In Reflect you create a backlink by typing [[ (that's two left brackets). You should pepper your notes with backlinks whenever you mention an entity (like a person). For example:


These backlinks automatically start organizing your notes. We delve further into this in


Command K (aka Search)

Press cmd k or (control k if you're on windows) and you'll see our quick search. Whenever you've forgotten something this is the place to come to find it.

We also support some basic commands in here like: go to daily note or 5 days from now .


Publishing notes

Hit the little publish button under note actions. That'll publish the note behind a secret url (which will be copied to your clipboard).


Note history

We save every key-stroke to you can always go forwards and backwards in time. You can find a note's history by clicking the clock icon under note actions.


"Key" keyboard-shortcuts

You can always see all the keyboard shortcuts by pressing cmd / (or control if you're on windows). So if there's only one shortcut you remember it's that one.

Here are the shortcuts you're most likely to use on a day-by-day basis:

  • Backlink: [[
  • Bullet list: space
  • Todo list: cmd return (from inside of a bullet-list)
  • New note: cmd n
  • Search notes: cmd k
  • Go to daily note: cmd d

Learn more

We've only scratched the surface of Reflect here. Don't let our minimalistic interface fool you 🙂