To keep Reflect’s UI simple and easy to use, we try hard not to add too many features in. By integrating Reflect with other apps, we gain a lot of functionality without cluttering the user experience.

Here are some of the tools that Reflect can integrate with, what they can do, and how to setup the integration.

πŸ“† Calendar and Contacts

We integrate with Google Contacts, Google Calendar, iCal and Office 365 to pull in relevant contacts and meetings. For more info, see Calendar and contacts

⚑️ Zapier

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect apps via APIs, without doing any coding. You can use it to connect Reflect with other apps.


What kinds of things can you do through Zapier?

  • Add Trello cards or Asana tasks to your Daily Note
  • Add Google Docs and Slack notes to Reflect
  • Save emails and Tweets to your notes
  • Sync your Strava data with Reflect
  • A lot more!

How to use the Zapier integration

  1. Sign up for an account on Zapier
  2. Head to the Reflect page for Zapier integrations
  3. Search for an app and connect it with Reflect to start building an integration, or use one of the pre-built templates at the bottom

Here is a walkthrough of how to setup a β€œzap” that appends emails you star to your daily note:

πŸ“š Readwise

Readwise is a classic in the tools for thought space. They’ve built out integrations with all sorts of sources so you can take your data with you wherever you go.

With this integration, any of these highlights, bookmarks, and clippings you make in Readwise will automatically flow into Reflect.

Readwise has also released an awesome read-it-later app for power readers, where any highlights made in Readwise will also flow into Reflect.

Some things you can do through Readwise:

  • Sync your bookmarked Tweets with Reflect
  • Import all of your Kindle or Apple Books highlights
  • Discover and save podcast highlights
  • Gather highlights from physical books

How to use the Readwise integration

  1. Sign up for an account on Readwise (there is a free trial)
  2. Connect any applications that you use (Twitter, Kindle, Pocket, etc).
  3. Connect Reflect as an export option, and configure the settings to your liking
  4. You can import whatever you’d like, and setup automatic syncing

Here is a video of how to setup the integration: