Daily journaling

Daily journaling

Every morning Brian Koppelman, the creator of the popular TV show Billions, brews a coffee and sits down to write the Morning Pages: three sheets of hand-written notes.

For Brian, his Morning Pages are essentially a huge brain dump of his fears, worries, thought, anxieties, ideas. A stream of consciousness. He says:

"You’re really just putting this stuff on paper. You’re dumping your subconscious down. By doing this – you free yourself from the perfectionism and the fears that hinder your creativity"

Journaling is really quite magical in the calming affect it has on our psyche. By writing down all your worries, concerns, todos, and chores, you are essentially performing an anxiety exorcism on your mind.

So we suggest building a daily practice of journaling (at the very least for your mental health). Even better, we can tie the practice into some of the other principles of note-taking we covered earlier.

Tools like Reflect will create a new daily note for you everyday for you to journal in. This daily note can be the command center for anything happening that day to be managed in. For example: all your meeting-notes, call logs, links you research, etc will go into this daily note.

Defaulting to writing all your notes in a daily note fulfills two of our most important note-taking principles: time-associated and append-only.

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