Calendar and contacts

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Calendar and contacts

We support connecting your Google account(s) to Reflect. This lets you:

  • Pull in your calendar events, so you can easily add meetings to your daily notes.
  • Easily backlink contacts (we'll auto-populate the backlink menu).

Is my data safe?

Yes. We never share it with third-parties. We only use it for functionality listed above.

How do I add my Google accounts

  1. Go to Reflect's preferences: cmd ,
  2. Navigate to Accounts
  3. Click Add Google account
  4. Go through the Google O-Auth steps. Make sure to select the check-boxes - they're easy to miss!
  5. Your Google account will begin syncing

Adding a Google account
Adding a Google account

Contacts sync

Once a Google account has been added, we'll start syncing its contacts. This will take a few minutes. Once that's complete, your contacts will be available in the backlink menu.

Contacts are used to auto-populate the backlink menu.
Contacts are used to auto-populate the backlink menu.

Calendar sync

We'll pull in your meetings directly next to your daily notes. Only events associated with Google accounts added will be listed.


Adding a meeting

Simply click on one of the meetings listed, and we'll prompt you to Add a meeting. Ostensively this is a shortcut to append a bullet point about that meeting to your daily note. We'll auto-create notes for each of the attendees and backlink them.

What does Create backlinked note mean? Well you may want to create a note dedicated to this meeting if in the future you're going to want to refer to any notes referencing it.

If this meeting is a recurring meeting we'll check this by default.