Linking your notes

Linking your notes

We've covered the high level principles of note-taking and the importance of daily journaling. Now let's dive into linking your notes together.

Networked note-taking tools, like Reflect, support creating links between notes. These links work pretty much exactly the same way links do on the web, with one major distinction, backlinks, which we'll get to later.

What should be linked?

Generally you want to link any entities in your notes (peoples, places, things). An easy rule-of-thumb is that if it starts with a capital, link it.

What does it link to?

Let's say you were going to link the name Ankit Pansari, a person you just had a call with. You would link the the name Ankit Pansari to a dedicated note about Ankit.

If you link a note that doesn't already yet exist, it'll be auto-created.

How do I link?

Generally note-taking tools, including Reflect, use the [[ shortcut to link some text. You can see it in action below:



Backlinks are just a list of incoming links from other notes.

In the example below, you can see the note Ankit Pansari has a backlink from the daily note where it was referenced from.


You can start to see how this would start to build up an activity feed of your meetings with Ankit. Or for that matter with any person, company, or entity. This practice is so powerful precisely because it's so flexible.

Watch a video demonstration of how to use backlinks in your notes here:

Next, let's take a look at some real world examples of these practices in action. 🗓️Real-world examples