Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

We've designed Reflect so that it can be completely operated with keyboard shortcuts. It's worth learning them, or at least the core ones, so that your note-taking is super-duper-fast.

Displaying the keyboard shortcuts

To see a list of keyboard shortcuts, type cmd / (command and forward-slash keys). On windows, this be ctrl /


Our favorite shortcuts

  • [[ Backlink notes, arguably the most important feature of Reflect
  • cmd [ Navigate back (copied from Chrome's shortcut)
  • cmd k Bring up search and command overlay
  • cmd shift f No distract mode (remove sidebars)
  • shift tab Un-indent a list
  • cmd enter Turn a list-item into a todo-list-item

How to I hyperlink text?

There are two ways of linking text, either:

  1. First copy the link from your browser.
  2. Then select the text in Reflect you want to link.
  3. Paste over the text, and it'll be hyperlinked.

Or select the text and press cmd k to open the URL input