Audio recordings

Audio recordings

Reflect has a state of the art voice transcriber through a technology called Whisper. It has near human-level accuracy and is likely to become your new favorite way of taking notes!

You can record a reflection at the end of the day, quickly capture ideas on the go, and combine it with our AI palette editor to have it act as an executive assistant or generate an article outline.

How to use:

  1. To record an audio memo:
    1. On desktop hover over the microphone icon and click the red record button.
    2. Or, on iPhone and iPad apps, tap the + icon in the top right and select “Transcribe audio”
  2. Speak your note, then click stop recording.
  3. Your note will be uploaded and then transcribed in the background. After a few minutes their transcription will be added to your daily note.


  • Please check your desktop app version. It should be at least 2.0.5. If it isn’t you can download the latest client.
  • If updating the client doesn’t fix things, please give your computer a restart. I know this sounds like a silly suggestion but there’s a finickey permission issue we’ve yet to nail down that seems to be resolved with a restart.
  • Is the transcriber missing difficult words, like certain names? You can add helper text under reflect.app/preferences/profile.

iPhone Lock Screen Widget

Our iOS has a lock screen widget that lets you start taking an audio memo with one tap.

It starts recording directly. After your recording, audio memos will be transcribed and added to your daily note.

To install the widget:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Reflect on Testflight
  2. Press and hold down on your lock screen
  3. Tap customize and select your lock screen
  4. Tap “add widgets” and select Reflect