Reflect Academy

Reflect Academy

Learn how to take great notes

This is the no-frills guide to note-taking. It can be learnt in about thirty minutes.

Creating a habit of daily note-taking can improve everything from our mental health, to our productivity, to our thinking. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We’ve created this guide to help you. We’ve also created a note-taking app called Reflect, but you should find this guide useful whether or not you use that.

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Quick start

Quick start

About us

We’re the team behind Reflect, a beautiful note-taking tool designed to help you think. We feature:

  • Always on: online or offline, iPhone, Mac, and web.
  • Networked: use backlinks and tags to categorize your thoughts
  • Integrated: sync Kindle highlights, clip text from the web, connected with Zapier
  • Secure: end-to-end encrypted

You can try us for free, no strings attached.

For more info, see: πŸš€Getting started with Reflect

Get weekly note-taking workflows that help you think better.