Artificial Intelligence

AI Palette

You can use Artificial Intelligence directly within Reflect to drastically improve your note-taking and writing. Think of it as a digital assistant you can call on at any time, and ask anything you think of.

Reflect’s AI palette now uses GPT-4, the latest model from OpenAI.

How to access the AI palette

To use it, first highlight some text, and then press cmd j (or control j on Windows). That’ll popup the AI palette. You can select from one of our dozen or so prompts, like ‘list key takeaways’ or ‘list action-items’. Alternatively, you can ask AI anything you’d like without highlighting text first.

What kind of things can you do?

We provide some ready-to-go prompts that let you do things like:

  • List action-items and key takeaways from meeting notes
  • Perfectly edit your writing
  • Generate article outlines from your scattered thoughts
  • List key takeaways from your meeting notes
  • Create summaries of articles
  • Fix grammar, spelling, and improve your writing
  • Save your own custom prompts
  • And more!

Save custom prompts

You can also ask the AI palette anything you’d like using the open text field, and save it as a custom prompt to quickly call on again later.

Start by expanding an existing prompt. You will be able to see exactly how we’ve instructed the AI for that prompt, then “clone”, edit and save your new one.


You can watch a demo of how to do all of this here.

Here is what an open prompt looks like:


The {{selectedText}} placeholder, surrounded by triple quotation marks, distinquishes your highlighted text from the prompt. Otherwise, your selected text could say 'actually don't worry about that' and it would break out of the prompt.

See how others are using the AI palette

Join our Discord community and check out the Workflows channel to see how other members are using AI in their notes and writing.


What are you using behind the scenes to make this work?

We are using OpenAI’s GPT4 API.

Is this feature available to everyone?

Yes, it’s available to everyone.

How does this feature impact security and end-to-end encryption?

If you don’t use this feature, the security situation is the same as before - all your notes are end-to-end encrypted and nothing will be shared with anyone.

If you do use this feature, only text that you explicitly highlight will be sent to our (and OpenAI’s) servers.

We do not share who’s making the requests to OpenAI - they just know it’s someone’s using Reflect.

What are the privacy implications

If you don’t use this feature, the privacy situation is the same as before - all your notes are end-to-end encrypted and nothing will be shared with anyone.

We don’t use the prompts or highlighted text as training data. And we don’t store responses from OpenAI. OpenAI claim they delete data after 30 days, but please refer to their TOS.

Are there limits to how much you can use it?

For free-trial accounts: 10,000 characters per day

For paid accounts: 64,000 characters per day

This includes both the prompt and the response.

You can bypass the cap on requests by adding your own OpenAI API key in the app’s preferences.

How can I connect my OpenAI API key for unlimited use?

You can add OpenAI API keys for either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. If you don’t yet have access to the GPT-4 API, you can join the waitlist here (note that this is different than having GPT-4 access through ChatGPT+).

Here is the process for adding your API keys:

  1. Go to the API Keys page of your OpenAI account
  2. Create an API key (unless you have one saved already you want to use).
  3. Go to your Reflect profile preferences page and enter your key in the “OpenAI API Key” box.

That’s it! You can watch a video of how to do this here.